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Inside the preparation of the viral Bomet wedding that was cancelled

The much-talked-about Bomet wedding that recently went viral has captured the town’s attention.

The groom, embroiled in controversy with his intended bride, has now shed light on the wedding preparations leading up to the unfortunate turn of events.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Amos Rono announced that he and Nelly Chepkoech Koskei will not make up but instead go separate ways.

The wedding was called off at the eleventh hour on Saturday, December 9, in what has kicked off a storm, with unverifiable accusations and counter-accusations flying back and forth.

The parties have bottled up some of the allegations and are only shared in private, adding to the mounting speculations by the day.

Amos also revealed details of how the wedding planning was done before things went awry.

“By the time the announcement of the postponement of the wedding was made, we had bought wedding gowns and suits,” Amos said.

“I had paid for her (Chepkoech) hair and nails to be made at a salon in Bomet town and done so many other things in anticipation of the big day that never was.”

At their home, everything seemed set for the big day.

A newly constructed makeshift shade and an open kitchen welcome guests to the homestead at Kapsoiyo village, with three semi-permanent houses ringed off by a fence.

Amos spoke to journalists while flanked by family members who were overly protective of him and did not want some questions and answers given— choosing to keep some of the matters in the public domain private.

They were very particular about his choice of words and, in many instances, dictated to him which question to answer and which not to, in what was indicative of the deep-rooted undercurrents surrounding the story.

It is claimed that Sh300,000 had been collected for wedding expenses, but only Sh50,000 had been spent by the time the wedding was called off on Thursday, December 7.

“The wedding would have proceeded on Saturday. But I was called by the area director of the African Gospel Church and informed that they needed to undergo further counseling as they had been in courtship for less than six months,” The Reverend Charles Koskei, Nelly’s dad, who confirmed that he attended the session, said.

“I have been paid five cows in the form of dowry and some money as is the tradition. God willing, the wedding will be conducted in February or April next year,” the clergy said.

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The Reverend Koskei added that the hiccups relating to the wedding would be fixed and asked members of the public to ignore claims circulating in social media.

“Some people have claimed on social media that my daughter has run away from home, yet she is with us and we are all watching the unfolding scenario. It is very unfair,” he said.

But what is next for the crestfallen bridegroom? Will he seek another woman’s hand in marriage soon?

“I have to take time off. I have to cool off before making another move. That (decision) certainly will not be coming soon. I have to heal, I have to be in a position where I can make sound decisions so I do not find myself in a similar or worse situation,” Amos told the Nairobi News in an interview.

But he was quick to add, “I wish to confirm for the record, that I was deeply in love with her (Chepkoech) and I trusted her. But I am also well aware that what is not meant to happen, would not happen.”

Some of the claims that the parties have made could not be independently verified by the Nairobi News and cannot be used in this story for legal reasons.

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It has emerged that the level of mistrust between the two, fueled by social media heat it has generated in the last two days, alleged interventions, and interference by relatives and friends have driven the young couple to the edge.

“I have let her go. I wish her well in her future life endeavours and I have nothing against her or her family. After a lot of soul searching and consultations, I have decided to remain single for now,” Amos announced Sunday, December 10, evening while flanked by a few of his family members.

“I have cried a tank full of tears before arriving at the decision to sever the relationship for good,” Amos told Nairobi News.

“It would not serve me well as a youth leader in the church. It is one of my lowest moments, but it is a bullet I must take.”

His statement was in stark contrast with an announcement a few hours earlier by the bride-to-be, Nelly, that she had not called off the wedding as was being claimed and that she was looking forward to solemnising their union and starting a family.

“We were advised by the church that we could push forward the date of the wedding as the validity of the marriage permit runs to February next year,” Nelly said, adding that the claims that were being bandied around in social media about her status were not true.

It has emerged that the two lovebirds had been in courtship for one year and had jointly been planning for the wedding in the last two months, having gone through the required motions and processes in the church.