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Viral Bomet bride Nelly Chepkoech breaks silence on wedding cancellation

A 23-year-old Bomet bride identified as Nelly Chepkoech, whose wedding was supposed to happen on Saturday, 9 December, now says she did not cancel her wedding.

Nelly has come forward to dispute claims that she canceled her wedding, which has perplexed friends, family, and the church community.

The couple, Nelly and Amos, were poised to exchange vows at Kapsoyo AGC Church on the specified date.

However, the wedding plans were halted a day before the ceremony, leading to speculations and confusion among those involved.

According to Pastor Clement Chalulot of Kapsoyo AGC Church, who was set to preside over the ceremony, the unexpected turn of events occurred when Nelly expressed reluctance to proceed with the wedding, citing a need for more time to decide on formalising their marriage.

“The communication from the presiding reverend that the bride had changed her mind halted everything and brought the entire plans to a halt,” explained Pastor Chalulot.

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Nelly, addressing the press, denied canceling the wedding and claimed that the presiding reverend had informed them about delays in obtaining crucial documents.

She emphasised that she was eagerly anticipating her wedding and accused the reverend of suggesting a postponement.

“I am 23 years old. It was supposed to be my wedding today, but yesterday we were told the wedding could not go on as there were delays in some letters. We were waiting for the day like never before. I am at home with my parents and other people,” said Nelly.

She urged the public to refrain from casting judgment without knowing the full story.

Nelly clarified that the wedding was not canceled but postponed, allowing her time to address some matters with the groom, Amos.

“I have not run away. Everyone was in tears, but some people are hurt. We were told the wedding had been postponed. We had planned the wedding since March this year. The reverend said we wait for the day. I am ready for the day that will be set,” she stated.

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Pastor Chalulot, who also chaired the planning committee for the wedding, expressed disappointment over the last-minute cancellation.

He revealed suspicions arose when Nelly failed to provide her ID copy to process the marriage certificate.

Efforts to mediate the situation proved futile, leading to the decision to call off the event and notify the guests.