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Installation of Weitethie footbridge along Thika Superhighway now suspended

By Hilary Kimuyu December 25th, 2019 1 min read

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) were on Tuesday forced to apologise and suspend the installation of a footbridge along Thika Superhighway following a massive traffic snarl-up.

The authority issued a statement following furious reactions from motorists, but blamed the contractors for creating a traffic mess while erecting a footbridge at Weitethie section of the road.

“KeNHA takes this opportunity to apologise and stand with Kenyans who were this morning inconvenienced by our contractors’ poor traffic management at Weitethie,” said KeNHA in a statement.

Majority of those caught in the mess were travelling to Central Kenya for the festive season and were stuck on the road for hours due to the massive traffic snarl-up.

“While KeNHA has always worked to provide fast and safe motoring on our roads, we do acknowledge that traffic flow at Weitethie had this morning been interrupted,” it added.

Earlier, KeNHA had announced the partial closure of a section of  Thika SuperHighway at Weitethie from Sunday, December 22 to Tuesday, December 24.


The authority had further requested motorists to cooperate and comply with the proposed traffic management plan and as directed by the traffic marshals.

This is one of four footbridges along Thika Superhighway whose construction had stalled for almost two years and will cost tax payers a whopping Sh820 million.

Interways Works Limited were contracted to install the Witeithie and Mangu footbridges at a cost of Sh430 million, while Fourway Construction Limited will erect the Garden City and Survey of Kenya footbridges at a cost of Sh390 million.

The construction of the bridges started in May 2018.

Thika Superhighway is fitted with 18 footbridges, with 10 more designed but yet to be erected due to lack of funds.