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Is this end of the road for Maina and King’ang’i?


The government’s ban of all sex related content on television and radio stations during the day is expected to have far-reaching effects on local broadcast media.

In new rules gazetted by the Communication Authority, media outlets will be required to cease from broadcasting adult content between 5am and 10pm.

“…no broadcasting station shall air programmes, including interactive call-ins or discussion sessions, whose content is suitable for adult-only audience during the watershed period,” reads the new rules.

This means that breakfast shows like Maina and King’ang’i in the Morning and television segments like Bi Msafwari that heavily rely on relationship matters to shape their discussions will have to change strategy. Broadcasters have been given six months to comply with the new directive.

Preachers who ask for ‘seed’ money in television and radio stations as well as pray for salvation towards the end of the programmes will also not have airtime according to the new laws.

This may spell doom on channels like Aviation TV which is owned and mostly broadcasts sermons by Apostle Peter Manyuru.

Pastor Victor Kanyari of the “310” fame may also be affected by the new rules as his radio programmes during which he asks listeners to send seed money will no longer be aired.

Broadcasting of telephone calls without informing the caller in advance is also prohibited in the news laws.


“Telephone calls or interviews must not be aired without informing the other party before hand,” read the rules.

This means the Gottcha call segments will have to be abolished and will also affect the Nakuru based Hero Radio whose call ins have been criticised online.

The rules are contained in the 37 paged Programming Code for Free-to-Air Radio and Television Services in Kenya document.

Other rules contained in the new code include the banning of advertisements in between live parliament or public holiday proceedings and reduction of the amount of airtime that will be given to advertisements within one hour.

Sign language interpreters will now be a must for every television station to be inserted during airing of matters of national importance.

Music that displays nudity or whose lyrics has adult related content will also not be played on air during the watershed period.

Advertisements of products “which are not suitable for children or which might cause them physical, mental, psychological or moral harm” is also prohibited.