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Itel teams up with Safaricom to offer Easy Buy for the A70

Itel and Safaricom’s relationship began in 2021 with a joint partnership when LMM was launched to create access to 4G smartphones. Itel has since sold over 300,000 smartphones through Safaricom LMM.

Itel future partnership with Easy Buy will create opportunities for customers where they will get to enjoy Zero / Low deposit and zero interest payment to acquire a 4G Itel device.

Itel has witnessed phenomenal growth and market share expansion over the years leaving Itel dominating its market share with minimal competition.

The current market share stands at 25% with a target price point of Sh5,000-Sh15,000. The future is focused on leveraging innovation and technology to create devices that will change the lives of Kenyans.

The first smartphone series to be introduced in the country was the Itel A-Series which has evolved over time to the now A70, which is 4G enabled and is a set segment for the mass market.

A70 sets a new standard for entry-level smartphones, combining remarkable technological advancements with high-cost efficiency, catering specifically to users in emerging markets.

Itel’s approach to independent production has significantly reduced the cost of production, supply, and R&D of smart technology.

By passing on these cost benefits to consumers, Itel A70 offers an exceptional smartphone experience at a basic price. This is a testament to Itel’s dedication to making advanced technology accessible to all.

As part of our commitment to cater to the technological needs of underserved markets and enhance the quality of life for consumers in emerging economies, we have undergone a remarkable rebranding initiative.

This evolution marks a significant turning point in the brand’s history, introducing a fresh, modern outlook while staying true to its core mission.

Itel is grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to a future of continued collaboration and success with Safaricom.