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Jackpot winner ‘can earn Sh1m monthly from bonds’

The latest SportPesa jackpot winner, Samuel Abisai, should invest the money in government bonds for Sh1 million monthly earnings.

Mr Abisai, 28, won Sh221 million in a mega jackpot after predicting the correct outcome of 17 games.

Johnson Nderi, a corporate finance manager at ABC Capital, said Mr Abisai need only invest Sh15 million every month for half a year to pocket the projected income.

Assuming he pays 30 per cent of the prize money as tax, Mr Abisai would be left with Sh154 million, said Mr Nderi.

So, if he put in Sh90 million — which is equal to Sh15 million a month — after six months he would earn the interest. Bonds pay out profits twice a year, the investment professional explained.

If Mr Abisai does that, the expert said, then he should remain with about Sh74 million, which he can spend in whichever way he wants.


“He will be having a guaranteed income of a million shillings a month and still remain with the Sh74 million,” said Mr Nderi. “With the remaining money, he can invest in shares or even start a business or do whatever he wants.

“With a million a month, he should be quite comfortable.”

Mr Nderi also advised Mr Abisai to first make a decision that he wants to invest before he seeks advice on where to place his money.

But then, when people who have not handled such amounts of money suddenly get lucky, a lot of things about their lifestyles change and they might also attract unwarranted attention.

For instance, queries by the Nation on Wednesday to the winner, who lived in a flat on Thika Road, on the changes he might expect went unanswered.

His brother, who said he is the family spokesperson and only identified himself as Jacob, said they had given too many interviews to the media on Tuesday and would respond on Thursday.