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Nick Salat to patent ‘ndaani ndaani ndaaaniii’ phrase

Lawyers of Kanu secretary general Nick Salat are working towards patenting his famous “tuko ndani ndani ndani kabisa” phrase so he can draw benefits from it.

A visibly excited Mr Salat made the now viral statement during the National Super Alliance (Nasa) launch on February 22 this year in Nairobi, indicating that the party fully supported the political outfit whose flag bearer is ODM Party leader Raila Odinga.

However, a week later, the Bomet Senatorial aspirant was forced to eat humble pie and retract his declaration by publicly reading a statement declaring his party’s support for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election bid.

Considering the tone, musicality and emphasis with which he had made the statement, many found it not only hilarious but also shameful for Mr Salat to go contrary to it.

But he, however, says he has no regrets. If anything, it’s earning him more popularity.


He could also earn money soon from the recording, which has attracted nearly thousands of views on YouTube.

“Whenever I fight for a course, I do it wholeheartedly. I am not a pretender. When I said ndaaaani kabisa during the Nasa launch, I meant to emphasise and assure the people that we were going to live up to it,” said Mr Salat in an interview with NTV.

“But there comes a times in politics when your position calls for you to do things even if you are against them. It is for the common good,” said Mr Salat.

The phrase is now a common jingle on radios, used in rallies and as ringtones. Many Kenyans also use the phrase –or just the picture- in day-to-day conversations to mean they are part of something.


Asked whether he has considered copyrighting the phrase as an original owner so he can benefit from its use, he curtly replied: “Lawyers are always eager to give ideas… I have lawyers working on it.”

“I am a politician, I am keen to know that the phrase can serve in any field. When it was beginning to trend, my bishop called and asked what I meant by saying ndani? And I told him, Bishop, Ni ndaani ya Yesu (born again),” said the comical politician.