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Jacque Maribe back at DCI for further grilling

By HILARY KIMUYU September 28th, 2018 1 min read

TV journalist Jacque Maribe reported back at the DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road on Friday morning for more grilling in connection to the murder of Monica Kimani.

Maribe, who was interrogated by detectives on Thursday to corroborate a statement made by the main suspect, Joseph Irungu, who is also her fiancé, spent the better part of the night at the offices.

Ms Maribe, who was taken to the DCI Headquarters after presenting herself at the Kilimani Police Station, stayed in until after midnight.


Police have said that they interested to get more information from Maribe on the shooting her fiancé claims occurred near their house in Lang’ata a day after the woman was killed.

The journalist also took her fiancé to several hospital’s after the alleged incident.

Detectives also want to establish who owns a gun and a bullet which were found in her bedroom and which have since been taken for examination.

Ms Maribe’s car, which is being detained by the police, was also of interest to the detectives because Mr Irungu was driving it on Friday, the day he claims he was shot on the left shoulder by gunmen unknown to him as he left the Royal Park Apartment where the journalist lives.