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Jadudi arrives in India for life-saving brain surgery

University of Nairobi student Emmanuel Otieno, popularly known as Jadudi, has been admitted at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India, and is scheduled for a surgery to remove a brain tumor this week.

This is according to the Africa Cancer Foundation CEO Zawadi Nyong’o who spearheaded an online campaign to raise money for the surgery.

The campaign, dubbed #1MilliforJadudi, raised over Sh6 million.

This will be Jadudi’s fourth brain tumor surgery.

“#KOT please pray that #Jadudi’s 4th surgery is successful & that it is his last one ever. We need this #CancerSoldier back home strong,” tweeted Ms Nyong’o.

Jadudi’s struggle with the brain tumor was brought to the limelight by award winning blogger Biko Zulu who penned an emotional article titled, “That thing in Jadudi’s head.”

Jadudi was diagonised with a brain tumor in 2012. He underwent three surgeries that drained his parents financially butt the tumor kept growing.

He contacted blogger Biko Zulu while at a hospital in India seeking his support to educate Kenyans on brain tumors.  It was only a year later that the blogger wrote a post on the matter.

Mr Zulu explained how he never put a thought into the initial message Jadudi wrote him, until a year later when the cancer survivor got in touch again and Ms Nyong’o tweeted the blogger about the issue.

The article he wrote after having a chat with Jadudi not only created awareness but also helped finance Jadudi’s treatment abroad.