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Jaguar under fire for lamenting about cuts on Chinese imports

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, on Wednesday found himself on the receiving end after lamenting about over a reduction in Chinese imports into the country due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Jaguar whined on Twitter on how small scale traders will soon be affected by the 80 percent decline of imports from China, which include electronics, spare parts, computers, cartridges and cosmetics.

“80% decline in imports in the past two months is alarming. Current stocks of electronics, spare parts, computers, cartridges and cosmetics will dwindle as many Chinese factories are taking drastic measures to contain coronavirus outbreak disrupting supply chains across the world. Trade Ministry should also help small traders to reduce their dependency on China for the importation of consumables, construction materials, clothing, furniture, kitchenware, and machinery by identifying new markets and negotiating for favourable trade with other Asian nations,” tweeted the MP.

However, Kenyans had a problem with him appearing as if he was okay with Chinese imports flooding the Kenyan market instead of promoting the local manufacturing industry.