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Jakakimba’s romantic engagement

Amid baby mama-related challenges that recently played out in public, city lawyer Silas Jakakimba has, with a romantic touch, gone down to one knee and proposed to his long-term girlfriend.

Jakakimba, a close aide to opposition leader Raila Odinga, shared the news with his followers on social media.

Dressed in a blue suit and matching tie, a beaming Jakakimba made the move to his better half in a beautiful setting that resembles a hotel suite.

The room was sprinkled with red flowers, the same colour as the lucky lady’s dress, plus bottles of wine.

The engagement comes weeks after the lawyer, who is keen to contest for the Langata parliamentary seat, was involved in a drama with the mother of his two kids.

The drama played out at the kids’ school and forced him to issue a statement on social media.

“I will never, ever allow, as long as I breathe, a dirty man, or all those other funny men around town, to act in any manner whatsoever, to even remotely suggest that they could ‘care’ more about my sons than I do. “I have battled, and will continue to do so, for that immutable and sacred place of a caring father in the lives of his Blood and Children. My sons are my eternal Social, Economic, and Cultural Responsibility and, no man – can inherit my Sons in my Lifetime,” he explained.