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Jalang’o headed to Radio Africa after being axed by Milele FM

Comedian Felix Odiwuor, aka Jalang’o, has revealed where he will be heading next after being fired from Milele FM.

Jalang’o says that it is more likely that he will be heading back to where he started out as a radio presenter at Radio Africa Group.

However, he did not reveal as to which radio station he will be making his comeback to.

“But I want to say, I might end up on Waiyaki way, on Waiyaki Way there are so many radios. But I had an amazing meeting with my friend, my boss, the first person who ever gave me the first-ever radio contract, Mr Patrick Quarcoo,” said Jalang’o.

“We had a long discussion, so takeaway NRG radio but I think I might end up back at where it all began, Radio Africa. Which radio I still don’t know, could it be Kiss 100, Classic FM or Jambo.”

Concerned fans

He says since he left Milele FM his phone has been buzzing with concerned fans eager to know where next he was heading to.

“So it’s early morning and everybody is asking me where you are? And I write the statement that I will not be working at Milele FM. I am not happy that I left Milele FM, but I am happy that I am still able to say that do not fight for what you can earn if you can earn it yourself, go earn it,” he explained.

Jalang’o says that he has also received calls from other potential employers including the national broadcaster KBC.

“I have had a call now from the eighth radio, with the morning one today being KBC, with the amazing Bonnie Musambi. But Bonnie Musambi I am not coming, you already have an amazing show go ahead and do it,” he said.

Leaving Milele FM for him was bittersweet, especially after working with his best friend and fellow radio presenter Alex Mwakideu. However, he says he is glad for having gotten the opportunity.