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Family bank responds to viral video of woman screaming in one of its branches

Family Bank has issued a statement following a viral video which has been circulating online showing a woman screaming and causing commotion in one of their branches.

In the clip, the woman can be heard screaming and demanding her money as a security guard grabs her arms and contains her.

The clip starts with screams being heard from one of the back offices.

A few seconds later, a security officer is seen walking the woman out of the office while firmly holding her arms from behind as she continues to scream.

As the woman’s cries grow louder, a uniformed security officer escorts both her and the private security officer to the main banking hall. Despite her persistent struggles, she tries in vain to free herself as she is dragged across the hall, drawing the attention of other bank employees and clients, who stare in confusion.

“I want my money, I want my money,” the woman continues to scream.

Before the clip ends, banking officers can be seen trying to calm her down as they lead her up the staircases.

In a statement issued by Family Bank Executive Officer Nancy Njau, the bank said that it engaged the aggrieved customer.

Njau noted that the Family Bank had agreed to resolve the issue raised by the woman in the viral video.

“We are aware of a video recording circulating on social media regarding a customer in one of our branches. We have had engagements with the customer and the matter is under resolution,” part of the statement read.

The financial institution however did not reveal details of the issue, only regretting the suffering that the grievance has caused the customer while noting that as a bank they stick to all the laid down procedures as regulated.

“We appreciate the grievance this process of resolution may have caused the customer. Family Bank follows all laid down procedures as regulated,” she added.

“We remain committed to excellence and customer service is our number one priority. Rest Assured we are handling this matter with the discretion and urgency it deserves.”