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Japanese restrooms have special ‘toilet paper’ for wiping… your smartphone

By AGENCIES January 3rd, 2017 1 min read

Japan has taken its pride for cleanliness to a new level with ‘toilet paper for smartphones’.

The hygiene wipes are much smaller than the traditional toilet paper and are currently being tested at the arrivals terminal of Narita International Airport.

The wipes sit in a dispenser next to the traditional roll and each piece lists instructions on how to properly clean your handset.


Although it is just an experiment, the smartphone wipes are in response to studies showing that smartphones carry at least 10 times more germs than toilets.

The manufacturer even posted a helpful instructional video on how to use Japanese toilets and bidets (shower cubes) as well as the new wipes.

The company said the wipes will be in some of the Narita bathrooms until March 15.


The wipes include additional information about WiFi use in the airport and a travel guide app, called jspeak, which has a voice translation function.

A 2012 study for the Wall Street Journal found poop germs on all eight of the cell phones randomly tested, while a University of Arizona study found that phones are 10 times to have germs than the typical toilet seat.