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Jasmine Mungai reveals end of marriage to Citizen TV’s gospel DJ GeeGee

In October 2014, Daniel Githongo, popularly known as DJ Gee Gee- a gospel DJ who hosts on Citizen TV, and Jasmine Mungai wed in a colorful ceremony.

They enjoyed marital bliss for a while but the cracks began to appear as the question and timing of having kids hovered over them.

In 2020, the couple revealed they almost called it quits on their marriage which was occasioned by the discussion of having children- he did not want to have children but she did, and before she hit her 30s. Fast forward to September 6, 2023, Jasmine, popularly renowned as CookingwithJaz, revealed that their marriage failed in the end.

“This is 33. A year ago my marriage of 8 years failed. I was looking for a house. I was heavily pregnant and I had no jobs….but God! Here I am a year later, thriving, healing, raising my babies, laughing, and living. Psalm 126 y’all!!!! God is faithful 🙌🏾 #therapyandJesus #Goddid,” said Ms Mungai on her Instagram.

In years passed, the couple had a YouTube channel where they revealed their marital issues that almost forced them to part. The ‘having a child’ conversation apparently blew up and pushed Ms Mungai to threaten to leave her home and even called her mother to inform her of her decision.

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“I brought up the conversation of having a baby and he said I should give him some time to think about it. I lack patience. That when I lost it because I felt I had lost my youth. I got married when I had just turned 24. I didn’t want to have kids in my 30s. I thought he didn’t wanna have kids. I thought I was stuck in a childless marriage,” said Ms Mungai.

On his part, DJ Gee Gee said, “I wasn’t communicating with my wife and that meant it was even harder for her. That was one of the things that made us really grow apart.”

However, the couple took a step back resolved their issues, and went on to have their first child in 2019, and in July 2022, they announced they were expecting their second baby. Jasmine surprised DJ Gee Gee with the pregnancy news while they were on vacation in Malindi.

“Was so glad to finally surprise him this time with this news. How I kept this to myself for a full day and trip to Malindi is beyond me, but I knew I wanted to surprise him on the first day of our holiday. Never think that having kids is just sex. It’s not a given. It’s all GOD!!! Children a gift from above. We wanted this for months and kept getting negative results then God made a way in His perfect timing. To those in waiting, I pray that you may testify of His faithfulness in this season. God hears. God answers,” said Ms Mungai.