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Jimi Wanjigi snubs court appearance citing ‘fake’ summons

Businessman Jimi Wanjigi on Thursday failed to appear in a Nyeri court to answer to criminal charges of being in possession of prohibited firearms.

Lawyer Kiogora Mugambi, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Wendy Kagendo on his behalf, said the businessman failed to honour the court summons because they appeared ‘fake’.

Dozens of uniformed police officers had been deployed at the court to maintain order following speculation that the businessman might be accompanied by his supporters.

One of the officers said the heavy security in and outside the court was to prevent fracas.


Gun drama as police attempt to serve Jimi Wanjigi with court order – VIDEO

The officers were taken to the law courts at 8am in two police pick-ups and one Land Rover.

On Thursday, lawyer Mugambi said the summons served to Mr Wanjigi on Wednesday evening were questionable, noting that the document did not have a seal or stamp of the court.

“The procedures of serving were not proper. The summons were fixed on the car of my client. They lacked a seal or stamp but only had a file number.

“We want to first ascertain the genuineness of the summons and the nature of the charges so that we can prepare ourselves,” said lawyer Mugambi who spoke on behalf of Senior Counsel James Orengo.

He said Mr Orengo could not make it in court.