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Jimnah Mbaru schooled on why varsity students don’t show ‘anger’ to corruption

By Nahashon Musungu September 24th, 2019 1 min read

Kenyans on Twitter appear angered by a suggestion from prominent businessman Jimnah Mbaru that University students have shied away from being actively involved in the running of the country’s affairs.

Mbaru, who unsuccessfully contested for Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2013, made the comments on his Twitter page.

“I have always wondered why our university students have never shown or demonstrated their anger and aghast at the level of corruption in this country. Can someone explain to us why they are so silent?” posed Mbaru.

To this, one user responded:

“Just a few days ago, students from Multimedia University protested when one of their own was killed by a recklessly driven matatu.”

Several other users argued that demonstrations would lead to the loss of innocent lives.

“Riot and get beaten by security for a problem the government with all its machinery has refused to deal with? The President (Uhuru Kenyatta) asked ‘Sasa mnataka nifanye nini? You want other people’s children to die?” said one user.

“We did, and so have many others before us, (in) 2001 many of them were brutally murdered in violent protests against the Moi regime,” another tweep said.

“Start with your children, let them riot and get teargassed, beaten senseless by GSU officers from their classroom/hostel. Let your kids tarmac for years after college maybe they too will be angry the way you want them to be,” yet another user commented.