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Jobless Nairobians flood Passaris with business ideas for Sh200k she promised

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris is offering Sh200,000 from her salary to unemployed city residents with compelling business ideas.

Ms Passaris said she is ready to have the cash deducted from her salary each month to help the unemployed youth become self-employed.

She says he offer has been informed by numerous messages she has been getting on social media from hundreds of youths seeking employment.

However, she has not been able to help since her office she says has no job openings at the moment.

“I do not have any jobs at the moment. What I have is grants to help you get off to being self-employed. I will dedicate 200k every month out of my monthly salary and the best business advisors and mentors. All you have to do is ‘pitch’ your idea on this platform,” Passaris tweeted.

But she said the business ideas have to be pitched to her through her Twitter handle and from there she will be able to pick the best.

Kenyans on Twitter immediately took up the task and shared their proposals.