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Jowie ends “divine marriage” with Eleanor

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie and his lover Eleanor Musangi alias Ella have now parted ways almost one year after they made their “divine” relationship public.

Through Edgar Obare’s Insta stories, Ella said the dubious relationship ended amicably in December 2020 and that Jowie had changed for better.

The mother of one also revealed that she was not married to the Nishikilie hit-maker as they had early implied in interviews and on their social media platforms.

“I mentioned I met Jowie through divine intervention, which is true, but the fact I said we were married was a lie,” Ms Musangi said.

She further revealed that Jowie, who is media personality Jacque Maribe’s ex-fiance, was not the father of her daughter.

She revealed that they made up the lies so that Jowie would be released from remand on bail in the case in which he is accused of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani back in 2018.

“I lied about being married to protect Jowie for legal reasons because as of his court release,” she said.

“So when I took him to my home for legal reasons I stated that, so he could be allowed to live in Nairobi as the police on his case had to be aware of where or who he’s with,” she said.

Ella also said she wants to pursue her modelling dream and having a controversial experience would cost her a lot.

“I don’t honestly regret helping Jowie in the vulnerable state I met him, but I don’t want my compassion to be used against me in other areas of life,” she added.

In September 2020, the former lovers unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other’s photos from their Instagram accounts.

However, days later, Ella confirmed her ‘divine marriage’ was still intact.

Is this another clout chasing or the official end of the relationship?