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Kasarani woman caught on tape in M-Pesa fraud

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 19th, 2018 1 min read

A woman in Kasarani was on Wednesday busted as she attempted to defraud an M-Pesa agent by pretending to be a Safaricom customer care staff.

The woman first approached the M-Pesa shop, which also sells refilled a cooking gas cylinders,  indicating that she needed to refill her cooking gas.

According to the shop owner Joy, the woman requested for the attendant’s phone on the pretext that she wanted to call her sister to bring the empty cylinder to the shop.


The attendant gave her personal phone and the woman went on to save her number as Safaricom while pretending that her sister was unreachable. She then left saying she was going to bring the empty cylinder herself.

Moments later a call saved as Safaricom came to the attendant’s phone.

“She called pretending to be safcom call center….but my employee is well educated about it….shame on you,” Joy wrote in her expose post.

It was after disconnecting the call that the M-Pesa attendant checked her phone book and found the number was saved as Safaricom.

A scan through the shop’s CCTV footage unveiled the moment the woman saved her number on the phone.