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Kate Actress speaks out on women killings

It has been a tough time for Kenyans these past few weeks with alarming cases of femicide on the rises.

This being the case, many women including celebrities have come out to share their disquieting opinions on the matter and raise the flag to women who have fallen victim to femicide injustices.

Being part of the movement, Kenyan thespian Kate Actress has taken to her Instagram page to push the agenda of ending femicide by sharing her take on the matter. She wrote, “A wise man speaks because he has something to say, A foolish one, speaks because he has to say something! You Have no Right to Take Life, you don’t get to decide who lives and who dies because of your religious beliefs! Thank you to everyone who is using their voice to speak on this scourge. No voice is too small. SPEAK!”

Kate Actress joins the likes of actress Brenda Wairimu in open activism against femicide in Kenya.

The recent cases of alleged murders of women within Nairobi have drawn reactions from Kenyans on social media with civil societies calling for action.

The case of an unidentified woman’s body found chopped and stashed in a sack in Kasarani on Sunday caused an uproar on social media platforms, prompting Kenyans to call for action over the looming femicide problem.

This came a few days after socialite Starlet Wahu was found murdered at an Airbnb in South B, Nairobi.

A report titled Homicide Country Data released in 2022 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that 706 cases of femicide, or 2.64 cases per 100,000 women, occurred in Kenya in 2021.

Based on the same research, Kenya is one of the countries with the highest rates of female homicides and female abuse.

Civil societies and human rights organisations together with women on social media have condemned the recent reported killings of women.

They have called to action relevant authorities to address the issue. More women have called for an end to the victim-blaming narratives using the hashtag #StopKillingWomen.

“Four femicide cases, the reported ones. That’s one murder every two days. This is a national crisis. We cannot be counting the number of women’s bodies murdered and think this is a normal occurrence,” Njeri Wa Migwi wrote on X.

Another X user, Inamulindwa (Sugar Venom) wrote: Women are killed for refusing advances & for accepting advances, for taking money gifted to them & for refusing that same money, for consenting to sex & for saying no to sex, at home & outside, by strangers & family alike; tell men to stop killing women!! Stop killing us!!

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