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Kawere Sacco: Is this Kenya’s most reckless bus driver? – VIDEO

By EDDY KAGERA August 31st, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans on social media have called for the arrest of a driver who was caught on camera driving carelessly in foggy conditions on Wednesday.

A video that has been widely circulated on social media shows the driver of the bus KCL 414C, owned by Kawere Sacco, overtaking dangerously on what is assumed to be Limuru-Naivasha highway.

It plies the Nairobi-Usenge route.

The motorist who recorded the incident was forced off the road by the bus.

Most users now want the driver detained and charged in court for reckless driving.

Anjeyo Ananda said: “We love travelling. We love Scania buses. But when you act unajua! Drive without lights in a fog; and anga overtake like you own the world, we will mulika you like crazy.”

Martin Fundi Ngari said: “KCL 414C 6:40PM KAWERE SACCO. 28/8/18 investigate on this issue of careless driving.”

Albert Githinji added: “@ntsa_kenya .NTSA.. how about you have this driver arrested and banned for life on Kenyan roads. Video from mpasho and below are the details of the bus.”

Emmanuel Pesa went on: “This is normal for Kawere Sacco. The bus seems to belong to a very senior police officer. Operating with impunity as usual.

The driver is yet to be arrested.