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Kenya Breweries launches new alcoholic beverage

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has launched a new ready to drink (RTD) alcoholic beverage under the Smirnoff brand.

Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng becomes the first alcoholic drink in Kenya that contains Ginseng flavor giving the drink a unique bold taste. Ginseng is an exotic herb that has for long been used in Asian food and drink culture.

“Kenya is the first market in the world to launch the Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng. The drink cues to the freshness, youthfulness and energetic spirit among Kenyan millennial consumers. It is an illustration of our innovativeness to meet market needs by providing a range of Smirnoff RTD’s to cater for different demographics and market segments,” said Fred Otieno, the Head of Innovations.


Smirnoff first launched the vodka-based RTD’s in Kenya with Smirnoff Red and Black Ice packaged in clear returnable bottles.

In the recent years, it has launched the already successful Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana offered in a 330ml sleek can.

“The ready to drink category is among the fastest growing alcohol segments in Kenya, and we have registered a 140% growth with our already existing portfolio over the last four years. We are confident that the innovation and diversification of the portfolio through products like Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng will sustain the growth trajectory,” Andrew Kilonzo, the Sales Director said.

Kilonzo noted that millennials account for 54% of total alcohol volume in Kenya. They are trendsetters and want to be associated with the latest trends, and are constantly looking for the next new and innovative products they can associate with.