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Kenyan vloggers to access YouTube’s new “Ask” AI feature

Kenyan content creators on YouTube are in for a groundbreaking advancement as the platform rolls out its latest experimental feature, “Ask”.

This innovative tool aims to revolutionise the way viewers engage with online video by enabling real-time question-and-answer interactions directly within the content.

With “Ask”, viewers will be able to delve deeper into the videos they are watching, gaining valuable insight and information without interrupting their viewing experience.

Once enabled, users will notice an “Ask” button below eligible videos, inviting them to ask questions related to the content.

Powered by advanced AI technology, the feature analyses both the context of the video and the viewer’s question to provide tailored answers in real time.

Early feedback suggests that the speed and accuracy of the AI is impressive, providing users with a seamless and enriching experience.

In addition, ‘Ask’ provides pre-populated prompts for viewers looking for quick summaries or to explore related content, further improving accessibility and engagement.

There is speculation that Google’s formidable AI is already using its vast knowledge base to enhance YouTube’s capabilities behind the scenes.

Although it is currently being tested exclusively for select YouTube Premium users on Android in the US, the potential impact of ‘Ask’ on the education landscape is profound.

If implemented on a wider scale, the feature could transform passive viewing into an active learning journey, ushering in a new era of interactive educational content.

In addition to Ask, YouTube is also experimenting with another AI-driven tool designed to streamline the viewing experience.

This feature identifies and skips to the most compelling segments of a video based on user behaviour, saving time and increasing engagement.