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Kenyans are the least romantic in E. Africa, poll

By NAIROBI NEWS February 13th, 2014 1 min read

A new poll has ranked Kenyans  as the least romantic people in East Africa, lagging behind Ugandans and Tanzanians.

In the survey conducted by Ipsos Synovate, 68 per cent of  Tanzanians intend to celebrate Valentine’s day compared to 66 per cent in Uganda and 60 per cent in Kenya.

Surprisingly, more Kenyan men intend to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day compared to women. 61 per cent men said they will spare time for Valentine’s, compared to 59 per cent women.

Among respondents polled in Tanzania, 72 per cent indicated that they expect this year’s Valentine’s Day to be romantic.

This figure is very high compared to Uganda and Kenya where the expectation stands at 56 per cent and
52 per cent respectively.

According to the survey,  Kenyans will be keen on how much they spend during Valentine Day, with 23 per cent saying they intend to spend just about sh1,000.

Another 19 per cent said they will spend between ksh1,001 and ksh2,000, while 13 per cent said they will spend  between ksh2,000 and kshs 3,000. A paltry 8 per cent said they will spend between sh 3,000 and sh 4,000.

Across the three countries, clothes and flowers top the list of gift items to be purchased although flowers are the top gifts in Kenya and Uganda.

A total urban sample size of 1,050 in Kenya, 1,006 in Uganda and 528 in Tanzania comprising both males and females was interviewed. The survey was conducted between 7th and 10th February 2014.