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Kenyans livid after Pastor Ng’ang’a calls his bishops ‘labish, takataka’ – VIDEO

Kenyans have been angered by a viral video in which controversial televangelist James Maina Ng’ang’a insulted his bishops as the congregation just watched.

The six-minute video clip was by Thursday making rounds on social media with many Kenyans having different opinions on the lecture.

In the video, Pastor Ng’ang’a starts by telling the Bishops to respect his wife failure to which he will kick them out of the church.

He also says that the Bishops joined the church at a time when they were poor and only became rich through his Neno Evangelism Centre. He calls them rubbish, takataka and stupid, among other expletives.

Here are some of the reactions by Kenyans on Twitter:

Norman Biko says: “I tell you, pastor ng’ang’a s wife is damn cute. He had all right to protect her from the preying congrets (sp).”

Linah Okwaba Nafula‏ added: “No wonder on Sundays, I can sleep the whole day, this thing called church never crosses my mind! By the way am a Christian!”

Muchina Anthony says: “This is a “bishop” really. It’s clear these ministry things in the name of churches are businesses for the founders. Shame on them. But woe unto them for the wrath of God is upon them.”

S C H E M E R‏ wondered: “Why any sane adult would sit somewhere to listen to this (expletive) is beyond me.”

Songok Abbigael opined: “‘Kondoo’ wavumilivu, nonsense!!”