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Why Kenyans are showing no pity for these miserably ‘broke’ MPs

Kenyans Members of Parliament have yet again come out to share pitiful stories of the ‘miserable’ lives they lead due to their ‘poor’ pay, but Kenyans are hearing none of it.

The debate was sparked by Rarieda MP, Otiende Amollo and Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi when they appeared on NTV’s AM Live show on Tuesday morning to defend their latest push for new allowances.

Mr Wamatangi said that he only earns Sh640 after deductions every month while his counterpart Mr Amollo, on the other hand, said that he is now more broke as an MP.

“I have been the Ombudsman and I have been in public practice, I have never been broke like I am now as an MP,” said Mr Amollo.

Former Gem MP, Jakoyo Midiwo, concurred with these sentiments weighing in on the MP allowances debate.

“When I was an MP I would go home and people would think I was the government. Most MPs have a very miserable job,” he said.

These sentiments have however irked Kenyans on Twitter who advised the legislators to quit their jobs if they are not satisfied with the pay.


Dennis the Menace said, “Hiyo suti umevaa haikai 640 bob.”

Kariuki Biu asked, “How about you look for another job and resign from being a senator?”

Joseph Mureey wrote, “The guys we elected to help mwananchi are just complaining, yapping about their salaries and eventually stealing from mwananchi. God help us.”

Navrouze Desouza commented, “Did he call it only… God come and see how the people who made to become leaders are oppressing us.”

Robert Josochi stated, “So this guy wanted to be an MP so that he can be rich? You were given the job description and you were told the salary and you still wanted the job. If you can’t handle that then resign and let those who want to do it do it… go back to your private practice.”

Allen Arnold replied, “Huyu jamaa anajua kuna watu wanasupport familia na 10K per month. Anajua vijana hawana kazi? Anajua lunch tunakula kdf mbili na maji? Anajua mara ya mwisho kushika thao ni lini? Local youth is disappointed.”

George Ouko said, “He should go to his Rarieda constituency and see what broke means. Live. The guy earns almost a million a month and still says he is broke while most of his constituents live on less than a dollar a day. Funny man.”

Enock Muyonga explained, “If all these MPs are suddenly doing badly financially than they were before joining bunge, why can’t they resign and go back to what they were doing before. Why are they acting as if they never knew their pay check prior to going to parliament? Stop fooling Kenyans.”