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Kiambu man loses bride over Sh50K football bet

By KNA April 20th, 2015 2 min read

A man on Sunday lost his bride-to-be at Kahawa Wendani in Kiambu after he gambled part of the money meant to fund their wedding.

KNA witnessed the incident at the bus terminus where the bride-to-be angrily boarded a matatu with her luggage as the groom-to-be beseeched her to come back for a talk.

The lady, who gave her name as Brigitte Wanjira, hurled insults at her husband-to-be, identified as Fredrick Savwa, saying that he was “foolish” for daring to bet with their wedding money.

Their wedding was slated for May 23, 2015.

She said that she could not marry a man who would not consult her before gambling with a whole Sh50,000 in a mere game, which he had no surety of winning.

He bet the money on the popular betting site, Sportpesa.


Ms Wanjira added that this was not the first time that he had wasted money in gambling.

The previous month, she said, he gambled their rent money making them to dig deep into their pockets again to pay the rent.

In defence, Mr Savwa said he gambled the wedding money as the odds of him winning the game were very high and he intended to return the money and top up the remaining wedding fund.

Some people at the bus terminus tried to help the man by convincing the lady not to leave but she had made up her mind to leave and a confused and devastated Savwa was left standing in the rain.

Triza Nyambura, an eyewitness, told KNA Ms Wanjira had every reason to leave him as this was an issue affecting many women in the country where men gamble even with school fees and the kitchen budget.

She added that many men had become addicted to betting to make quick money and after one made the first win, he kept gambling regularly forgetting other obligations at hand.