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Kiambu Road to be converted into a dual carriageway

By ERIC WAINAINA February 20th, 2019 1 min read

In a bid to reduce traffic jams and gridlock, the government will make Kiambu Road a dual carriageway, Senator Kimani Wamatangi has said.

The Senate Transport and Infrastructure Committee chairman said designs for the road are complete.

He said the road will be expanded from Muthaiga to Githunguri.

It will then connect to the Ruiru-Uplands and Githunguri-Kimende roads.

“We hope President Uhuru Kenyatta will get funds so that the expansion is completed before the end of his term,” the senator said in Kiambu town.


Kenya National Highways Authority has already issued notices to businesses and property owners on the 10-kilometre stretch to demolish their structures. The current road was designed several decades ago.

The lawmaker said Kiambu has a huge potential that remains unexploited due to lack of infrastructure.

Real estate in Kiambu is booming, mainly because the region is a short distance from the city of Nairobi.

It boasts many gated-community settlements such as Even Ville, Five Star, Kencom, Runda Mumwe, Runda Paradise, Four Ways Junction, Summer Field, Mushroom and Mugumo Estates.

Hundreds of apartments and flats have come up in the fast-growing Kasarini, Thindigua, Kirigiti and other areas near Kiambu town. But the expansion has come with traffic snarl-ups.

Kiambu Road is characterised by jams, sometimes even during off-peak hours. Mr Joseph Kamau, a resident of Thindigua, said housing developments should go hand in hand with road expansion.