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Why Kidero has vowed to arrest rival Sonko

Nairobi City County Governor Evans Kidero has threatened to arrest Senator Mike Sonko accusing him of vandalizing water pipes in the guise of supplying water to Nairobi residents.

Governor Kidero said Mr Sonko was playing politics by pretending to be at the forefront of providing the solution to the water problem, which has bedeviled the county since last year.

The governor accused the senator of vandalising water pipes belonging to the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company in order to get the water he was supplying to residents of Nairobi.

“He is getting the water through vandalizing pipes belonging to Nairobi Water and he is making the situation even worse by supplying water whose hygienic condition cannot be ascertained. We are going to arrest him and his team if he continues vandalizing the water pipes,” said Dr Kidero.

The governor said that supplying water by bowsers would not solve the water problem in Nairobi as that was just like ‘a drop in the ocean’.

He added that the water scarcity witnessed in the capital had been caused by a natural calamity and was not something new and that the situation only needs proper and strategic interventions to solve.

“We have been rationing water in the city because of the drought which affected water levels at Ndakaini Dam. We hope that after the completion of the Northern Water collector tunnel we will get enough water to supply residents of Nairobi but I assure you that water bowsers cannot solve the problem,” he said.

Dr Kidero’s warning comes after Mr Sonko took a swipe at the governor over the continued suffering of Nairobi residents over lack of water.

In a cryptic Twitter post on his official Twitter account on Monday night, Mr Sonko hit at the county government’s laxity in implementing a Water Bill recently passed by the Senate decrying how water scarcity in the city was still a major problem four years down the line.

“Water scarcity in our city is still a very major problem and the County Government, 4 years on is yet to act. City residents continue to suffer as they await for the County Government to implement the recently passed water bill in Senate,” read a part of the post.

He went on to point out the estates faced by the water crisis naming Buru Buru Phases 2, 4 and 5; Buru Buru police station, Hunters in Kasarani and Muhuri Muchiri secondary school in Ruai.

“To temporarily deal with the ongoing water crisis, my team has today (Monday) supplied water to Buru Buru Phase 2, 4 and 5 and later to Buru Buru Police Station…they then proceeded to Hunters in Kasarani where residents haven’t seen a drop of water for several weeks.”

“Just as my team was about to head back to the city, they received complaints from parents of students from Muhuri Muchiri Secondary School in Ruai…we also supplied water to the neighbouring primary school after it was noted that they lacked enough water to run their daily activities,” continued the post.