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Kidero tells Jubilee leaders to keep off Nairobi

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has urged Nairobians to register as voters in the ongoing exercise, while at the same time calling on Jubilee party leaders to stop propagating politics of hatred because Nairobi city belongs to everyone.

Speaking during a fundraiser to support a women’s group on Saturday in Dandora, the governor accused Jubilee leaders of propagating hatred.

“I will deal with any leader propagating hatred speech or tribal politics in Nairobi City, that enjoys a harmonious stay among 41 Kenyan tribes that live and work in Nairobi City,” the governor said.

He went ahead to call on all the youths and other Nairobi residents to collect their identity cards and register as voters in Nairobi.

“There will be no chaos that will erupt in the city during the election (2017) period, and that all youths should register and vote in Nairobi,” the Governor added.

The governor further called for peaceful and mature politics among leaders and a peaceful co-existence between all tribes living in Nairobi as it has always been since he become a governor.