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Kin of slain suspect vows to avenge killing by police

A kin of a suspected gangster, who was shot dead in Nairobi by the police, has shocked the online community by declaring that she would avenge the killing.

In a brazen post on Facebook, a certain Ruth Mumbi claimed that the killing of her brother, Isaack Kamau Wangura, who police have termed as a notorious and wanted gangster, was a case of extra judicial killing which will not go without vengeance.

According to police sources, Wangura was gunned down by a senior police officer on Friday night along Jogoo Road.

Confirming the shooting to Nairobi News, Nairobi County Commander, Japheth Koome, said the police have been looking for the said gangster for the past year.

“One of my senior officer who was driving along Jogoo Road, near Hamsa Stage, was accosted by a lone gunman who demanded cash from him while brandishing a pistol. My officer was forced to defend himself by shooting and killing the gangster, said Koome.


Koome added that the deceased is a notorious gangster who normally worked alone and was wanted for various cases of attacking and robbing motorists along major highways in Nairobi.

But in her chilling account on Facebook, Ms Mumbi blamed the police for killing an innocent person.

“Your sudden death gives me another reason to stand against impunity by the rogue police and the broken systems in Kenya,” Mumbi, who claims to be the deceased’s sister wrote on Facebook.

She further vowed to avenge her brother’s killing.

“I will avenge your death by making sure your sons will live in a country where human life is valued and protected. I commit my life to stand against the systematic profiling of Kenyan youths and especially in the Ghettos. You died while calling out my name for help,” she wrote.

Police at the scene recovered a Ceska pistol, serial number KE AP G1519, with 11 rounds of 9mm which the police said had been stolen from an Administration Police officer in 2015.