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Kobi Kihara: I’m not as perfect as I look, I’ve got bumps and marks

NTV talk show host Kobi Kihara has publicly opened up about her ‘imperfections’, telling her fans that what they see in her Instagram posts is not how she looks in real life.

The Better Living host took to her page to candidly speak about her erstwhile unknown small ‘shortcomings’ in response to queries from some of her followers on what she uses to make her skin look so smooth.

“So many questions on what I use on my skin. Guys I use a smooth edit app to clean my photos and it’s the truth. It’s called Face Edit and you can get it for free on Play Store for Android and also on Apple, don’t be fooled beautiful,” read part of her post.

“I don’t have wrinkles but I have bumps and marks, I don’t feel confident or comfortable about it, so I use the options allowed to me. Don’t judge me Insta! I also wash my face daily and do a weekly facial and I try not to sleep with make up on,” she added.



When Nairobi News caught up with her and asked her why she shared the post she said:

“I get all these questions about my skin from my fans and even now I’m still getting calls from people wanting to look the way I look. They want to know what I use to look this smooth.”

She recounted one incident during an episode on her show, when she used a face mask and some lemon and people thought that is her daily routine to look smooth, yet it is not the case.

“Look at me and look at that picture, do I look the same?” she quipped.

This is not the first time that the renowned media personality is cautioning her followers on social media. Last year, she told them not to be obsessed with social media pressure which creates the impression of a perfect life.

“Listen, my page is curated, I’m a photographer and creative so it’s easy to pull off, I see it as my online gallery, so don’t be fooled my friend,” she posted at the time.