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Koffi’s concert organizers count huge losses

Congolese musician Koffi Olomide’s deportation from Kenya on Saturday amid assault allegations leveled against him has left his pre-planned event organisers counting their losses estimated to be worth Sh10 million.

The 60 year old Koffi (real name Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba) was apprehended by the police in Nairobi moments after appearing in a TV interview.

The popular musician was in the country for a well-publicized concert slated for Saturday night at Bomas of Kenya.

His arrest came hours after a video showing him assaulting a female member of his crew, later identified as Cindy, at the Jomo Kenya International Airport in Nairobi went viral, resulting in widespread condemnation on social media.

During the TV interview, Olomide accused an “enemy” of setting him up, by filming the incident and distributing it to the media in “bad faith”.


“I was told there was a pick pocket trying to steal a luggage of on of my crew members and had to rush there to protect her. That is what you saw,” the musician claimed.

Nairobi News has now learnt that half of the amount the musician was meant earn during his three-day stay in the country had been deposited upfront, before the renowned singer sets foot in the country.

In addition, and in reference to this particular visit, Koffi’s event organisers are reported to have facilitated return air tickets to the tune of Sh3 million for his 23-crew member include the dancers and band between Kinshasha and Nairobi.

What’s more, the group had been booked at the plush Villa Rosa Kempinski, a five star hotel located just outside Nairobi’s CBD.

If you consider other expenses, including the booking of a fleet of luxurious cars to ferry the Congolese crooner and his entourage around town, and extra costs on security, booking of the venue, plus monies spent on advertising then you get an idea of how expensive Koffi’s botched tour is turning out to be.