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KOT vexed by ‘the man who sold their country’

Kenyans on Twitter have been pondering on an online article that chides President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime and the influence of the Kenyatta family.

The article, The man who sold a country, was published on Thursday on

It’s scathing criticism of the president caught the attention of Kenyans online who agreed with the opinions of the author and shared it widely on Twitter, making it a top trend.

“We have normalised nonsense, and our own misery, and this needs to stop. We are the adults now, sadly,” the author of the article concludes.

The writer builds up a narration from a ride on the new Madaraka Express train, comparing it to the old train that was rusty and chaotic. The influence of the Kenyatta family and the piling national debt are also highlighted.

The article was published a day after a new report revealed that President Kenyatta will accumulate nearly Sh2.13 trillion in more national debt by the time his final term ends in August 2022.

Kenyans online gave their perspectives on the interesting bits of the article.