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KQ air fares nearly double for Kenyans stranded in UK

Kenya Airways has nearly doubled air ticket prices for repatriating Kenyans stranded in Britain who will Friday pay £771 (Sh101,000) to fly back to Nairobi from London.

The national carrier on May 4 flew in Kenyans stranded in Britain for a £430 (Sh53,495) from London to Nairobi.

This makes it the most costly chartered services of all the repatriation missions that KQ has offered to Kenyans scrambling to return in the wake of coronavirus, which has seen most airlines ground planes as governments imposed movement restrictions.

Passengers from Mumbai and Guangzhou paid Sh46, 005 ($430) and Sh80, 242 ($750) for the one-way tickets a week ago respectively.

“There is a difference in price and this is because the flight on May 4 was ferrying cargo to and from the United Kingdom. It was, therefore, possible to balance out the operating costs between cargo and passenger services,” Kenya Airways told the Business Daily.