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Ladies, 8 ways to bring back romance in your bedroom this Valentine’s

The love season is here again when you get a perfect opportunity to re-ignite the flames in your bedroom. The chance to make sure that going forward, your man has eyes just for you.

We will ensure that this will not be an ordinary Valentine’s Day for our readers. Keep it Nairobi News for the surprise. In the meantime, here are some vital tips:

1. Change the bed linen – Changing your bed linen might be all you need to bring the heat back into your bedroom. If you have dull bedding, try lighter coloured ones.

If you are looking for the absolute sizzle in the bedroom though, try red ones. The colour red has an aphrodisiac effect.

2. Scents – Scents are a big part of intimacy. You can bring the fire back to your bedroom by literary bringing love in the air. You could do this together by seeking out scents that the both of you love.

3. Unplug the television – This Valentines, make the bold decision to remove the television from the bedroom. You might think that the television you have in the bedroom is the biggest source of entertainment for you and your partner but the truth is that it takes away your focus from intimacy.

4. Dance – Yes, dance. It might not seem like so but dancing is every bit connected to your sex life. When you dance, the body releases your happy hormones setting the stage for intimacy.

Also, dancing together brings you face to face with each other and involves touching. Both of these are vital components of intimacy.

5. Have an affair – No, not with another man. Have an affair with your man. Surprise him by suggesting that you hit the sack when he is least expecting it. Sneak away from a gathering or at lunch time to indulge in each other. This will sure keep him guessing and excited at the thought of being with you.

6. Baby making music – Have you heard of baby making music? This is what you should introduce into your bedroom this Valentine’s day. This soft music will have a soothing effect on both you and your partner. Relaxation is the first step to mind blowing intimacy.

7. Take the work out of the bedroom – True, Nairobi is a very competitive city where everyone you meet is trying to catch up with someone else. A lot of people carry work home. Carrying work home however does not mean working from the bedroom. Leave the laptops and iPads in other rooms in the house.

8. Your attitude – If you do all these things without changing your attitude, you will not be able to achieve much. Your bedroom should be a place of warmth where you and your partner love each other, not where you fight. You need to start seeing it as such. It all starts in the mind.