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Ladies, don’t say ‘I do’ until you have done these eight things

For the average woman, marriage is the ultimate dream. While we can’t understate the importance of marriage, there are things that every woman needs to have done before saying I do. Here is a look into some of them;

1. Live your single life – Before thinking about marriage, ask yourself, have you really lived your single life? Did you go on all those single woman adventures? If not, you have no business getting married.

2. Commit to monogamy – You are not ready for the walk down the aisle until you are sure that you can spend the rest of your life being faithful to just one man.

3. Find true confidence – If you are seeking to get married so that you can be happy, you have no business discussing marriage with anyone. You have to love yourself and find confidence before going into marriage.

4. Get your money right – It is wise to put your finances in order before getting married. Even in marriage, there is a lot of comfort in knowing that should your man not be able to show up for you financially, then you can show up for yourself.

5. Parental acceptance – This is one thing that a lot of women getting married ignore. It is important that your family gets to see your partner like you do. Try and get them to see him this way before saying I do.

6. Grow up – We all have those immaturities that we carried to adulthood. What you might not know is that there is no space for these in an adult woman’s life. Before saying ‘I do’, rid yourself of all of these.

7. Know what love is – Only when you stop looking at love as an emotion and begin seeing it as a decision that is consciously made can you say you are ripe for marriage.

8. Follow your dreams – To be able to be happy in marriage, you need to first find yourself. This means first figuring out what sets your soul on fire. When you have done this and you have started pursuing it, then you are ripe for marriage.