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Ladies, eight reasons your bedroom performance isn’t at par

Yes, it is possible for a woman to have a less than satisfactory performance in the bedroom. There is a host of possible reasons for this. The good news is that most of these causes can be fixed. Here’s a look into some of them;

1. You are passive – This is known as the dead fish phenomenon. Ask any man about it and he will have a story to tell. This happens when you let your man do all the work. Passivity is a huge passion killer in the bedroom. You need to show some enthusiasm. It is all about team work. Meet your man half way.

2. You are selfish – With the past generations, sex was a woman’s duty and a man’s pleasure. In a bid to fight this patriarchal mentality, we have a generation of women who care only for their own pleasure. This leaves him unsatisfied and your performance bad.

3. You are self-conscious – This is a problem that afflicts many women. They can’t really be blamed for having body image issues seeing the constant messages of perfection that they are fed from the media. Still, if you are going to be a satisfactory lover, you are going to need to get over these issues. Show your body and learn to take compliments.

4. You are rude – There are things you could be doing in the bedroom which your man interprets as rudeness. Maybe you are doing things with your phone, criticizing him during sex, acting distracted or bringing other issues up that are not related.

5. You are quiet – Yes, silence in the bedroom is an absolute passion killer. A fulfilling experience is one where your partner gets feedback. Make some noise. Get some sense of humor. Laugh with him.

6. You are not having fun – Men are selfish creatures who only care for their own pleasure in the bedroom, right? Well, wrong. Turns out that men do care about their partner’s pleasure. If you are not enjoying yourself, then your performance is below par as your partner also isn’t enjoying himself.

7. You are not creative – If you are going to be a satisfactory learner, then you are going to learn to be open to new things. To keep the spark alive, you are going to try and be more adventurous.

8. You are uptight – If you are rigid in your normal life, chances are that you are also frigid in bed. You need to learn to ease up a little bit, to let your hair down. You must learn to relax. Start with learning to achieve this outside the bedroom.