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Motorists to pay more for fuel as prices go up

The Energy Regulatory Commission on Saturday increased fuel prices by Sh3.54 and Sh4.14 for petrol and diesel respectively to reflect high import costs.

Super Petrol will retail for Sh84.25 while diesel will cost Sh70.37 in Nairobi while kerosene will retail at Sh46.98, an increase of Sh 3.02 a litre.

Defending the increase, the regulator said the price of crude oil in the international market had been rising from a low of Sh2,900 per barrel early this year to the current Sh 4,700 per barrel which led to an increase in the cost of refined products from late January 2016 for diesel and kerosene and mid-February 2016 for super petrol.

“As the products take time to reach the local market, the impact of this change will begin to affect the local retail prices from this month,” said the statement.