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Ladies, eight things to do to get the relationship you want

Healthy relationships are made up of about 10 percent of luck and 90 percent of hard work. Yes, getting the relationship you want is pegged almost entirely on what you are willing to do to get it.

Here are things that a woman who is searching or who is already in a relationship can do to get that picture perfect relationship:

1. Become an expert on him – To get a great relationship with a man, you will need to know him in and out. This means that instead of guessing what he is feeling or thinking, you will totally be in sync with him. Learn the things that make him tick, how he reacts to things, learn his cues when he wants to be left alone.

2. Solidify your friendship – How about first strengthening the friendship that you and your partner share before working on the romance side of it? A deeper friendship with your partner will count for a deeper relationship bond.

3. Say what you want – What a lot of women don’t know is that to get many good things, including a good relationship, all you need to do is ask. If you want a relationship where you go out more or spend more time together, say it.

4. Live in the now – It is a competitive world where everybody you meet is competing with another. In this spirit of competition, it is easy to start living in the future. If you are looking for a solid relationship however, you must not ignore the now. Joy can be found in the little moments that you share in the now. These shared moments are a strong enough foundation for the future.

5. Focus on the things you can change – When you enter a relationship, focus only on those things that you can change, not those that you can’t.

6. Find comfort in being alone – To get the relationship you want, you must start by getting a good relationship with yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company, to be okay with being alone. Only when you are happy and whole alone can you be happy with someone else.

7. Go to bed angry – Yes, sometimes that phrase that a couple should never go to bed angry with each other doesn’t work. The truth is having a fight with your love interest when you are tired or very angry will not work. Sometimes it is okay to take some time out to cool down so you can revisit the issue when both of you have a better perspective on things.

8. See him for who he really is – In a lot of relationship, a woman will see a man for the idea of him that she has on her mind. A relationship on this basis is a superficial one. If you truly want to connect with a man, then you need to see him for who he truly is and to accept this side of him.