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Lali: Tecra Muigai fell on staircase

The manager of the guest house where Tecra Muigai reportedly fell and injured herself ordered blood on the floor where she lay be cleaned before police visited the scene to conduct investigations.

At the same time, the manager failed to report the incident to the police.

Meanwhile, a government analyst Mr. James Matinde, who examined samples extracted from the deceased body did not trace any toxics nor alcohol traces in the Vitreous Humor which he examined.

He said all he detected was an “anti-conversant drug in the liver sample.”

He said the drug had been administered to Tecra but could not state what ailment was being treated.

Mr Matinde was testifying in an inquest to establish the cause of death of Muigai, deceased daughter of Keroche Indiustries owner Tabitha Karanja at the Milimani law courts, Nairobi.

He confirmed receiving six samples from one of the investigating officers of serious crimes, including nail clippings, stomach contents, liver, kidney, blood, bile from the liver, and vitreous humor (extraction from the eye for detecting alcohol content in the body).

“I did not find any toxicological substance which could have contributed to the death of Tecra,” Mr Matinde stated while answering questions from lawyer Yusuf Abubakar.

The deceased is said to have fallen and injured herself at the Jaha Guest House in Malindi within Kilifi County on April 24, 2020.

She allegedly suffered head injuries then collapsed and was taken to King Fahad Hospital before being flown to Nairobi Hospital where she succumbed on May 2, 2020.

Also testifying before Milimani senior principal magistrate Zainab Abdul, a police officer in charge of tourist facilities in Lamu Chief Inspector Evans Mwandandu Chea said Omar Lali confided to him that “on the night of April 23/24 2020 they chewed Miraa and drunk beer with his fiancée Tecra.”

At around 5.30 am, Lali told police while sleeping on a coach he heard a bang and funny noise.

He said he awoke then found Tecra lying on the floor with blood oozing from her ear.

She was unconscious. Lali called his brothers and took her to a dispensary then were referred to King Fahad Hospital and later flown to Nairobi Hospital where she succumbed to injuries.

The inquest was adjourned to February 23/24, 2022.