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Larry Madowo: Malik Obama demanded Sh50k from NTV for an interview

NTV’s Larry Madowo on Thursday lashed at President Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik for attempting to extort Sh50,000 from him.

Madowo, while referring to the money-minded Malik, said the 2015 interview that never took place was meant to be part of the Obama visit coverage but Malik insisted on being given Sh50,000 as compensation for his “time and expenses.”

The television presenter refused to honor the demand insisting that the station does not pay for interviews and with that Malik rejected the invitation and took to Twitter.

Malik, who has on more than one occasion labeled his half-brother as stingy, also called Madowo stingy for not footing his travel expenses for the interview.


Madowo in his Thursday rant compared the incident to when Malik “sold personal letters that Obama wrote.”

Malik has in a series of recent tweets attacked President Obama and his wife Michelle and their preferred presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

He has expressly stated that he supports republican presidential candidate Donald Trump whom he says will make right things that were messed up by his half-brother, Barack.

On Wednesday, Malik appeared on Fox News moments before the final presidential aspirants’ debate and for the umpteenth time accused President Obama of being unavailable to his Kenyan relatives.