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Leadership lessons from my mom – Martha Karua

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s a time to reflect on the remarkable women who have shaped our lives with their unwavering love, strength and sacrifice. In this heartfelt tribute, political powerhouse and Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua celebrates the profound influence of mothers everywhere and the immeasurable joy they bring to our lives.

She spoke to the Sunday Nation about the role her mother played in nurturing her leadership journey.

When asked what leadership lessons she learnt from her mother, she replied. Mrs Karua said, “My mother was educated up to Form Two, which was then Junior Secondary, also known as Standard Eight. She was an untrained teacher and taught until I was born. I am her second child and after having two children, as was the custom in those days, she left her job to become a housewife”.

“Apart from looking after her children, she ran a shop and did some small farming,” she added, “My father was a teacher. I learned the art of multitasking from my mother, who looked after the children, the shop and the farm. I also learned how to plan my day because she planned her day and did all her tasks.

Reflecting on her childhood, Ms Karua added: “From the earliest I can remember, my mother was a community leader, a leader in the Mothers’ Union and other women’s movements.

“My leadership skills come not only from my mother, but also from my father and grandparents,” she noted, “both of my parents are still alive. My mother may no longer be involved in community leadership because she is very old and just takes care of herself, my father and the family, but I have learnt from the best”.

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