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Lulu Hassan: I’m never always together with my hubby

By Thomas Matiko January 14th, 2020 1 min read

TV news anchor Lulu Hassan has opened up on the challenges and experience of reading news together with her husband Rashid Abdallah at Citizen TV.

The TV power couple host Swahili bulletin together as co-hosts, a task Lulu says comes with lots of expectations from the viewers and fans.

The mother of three says  that some of the viewers only watch the news to try and study their body language on live camera while reading the news, so as to be able to tell if they are happy or had a fight when they left home for work.

“Changamoto zipo wakati tunaposoma habari, kila mtu anawaangalia na jicho la tatu, anataka kujua hawa kweli leo wamekosana. Wakati mwingi tunasoma taarifa za huzuni back to back, huwezi smile wakati huo so unapata mtu anasema ‘aah! hawa leo kweli hawajapatana, wamekosana leo’,” Lulu said.

Lulu made the revelation while speaking to Millard Ayo last weekend while in Tanzania for the launch of new series of Swahili TV drama Sarafu that airs on Maisha Magic.

The sassy presenter went on to disclose that contrary to what many viewers and fans believe, she is not always with her husband every day at work despite them working together.


“Ratiba yetu ni tofauti, mbali na kwamba Jumamosi na Jumapili tupo pamoja studio but during the week huwa hatuko pamoja,” Lulu said.

Lulu and Rashid became the first ever couple to read news together on Kenyan TV when the latter decamped from NTV to join his wife in June 2018.

They have been married for over a decade now.

Besides reading news together, the couple own a film production company and are the brains behind several popular Swahili TV drama series such as Maria, Pete, Maza, Sarafu which air on Maisha Magic.