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Mabuyu! what Kenyans abroad crave for from home

That Kenyans aspire to live and work in the USA or Europe is one of the worst kept secrets.

This is due to varied reasons, with some seeking change and an opportunity to experience different cultures, while others chase dreams and success stories.

That said, what doesn’t change is that Kenyans residing abroad still miss home.

So much that they cannot seem to get over some foods and other stuff, thus, they send their colleagues to bring some.

A netizen by the name @tichophil on Twitter started a conversation by asking other tweeps whether they share the same experience after three Kenyan pals abroad asked her to bring items she thought were peculiar.

“Apart from mabuyu, what else has a Kenyan in diaspora asked you to bring them? I am asking because I find mabuyu very strange and ask yet, 3 people have asked if I can bring them mabuyu. MABUYU!” tweeted @tichophil.

Mabuyuis a type of candy made from the seeds of the Baobab tree fruit. The tree is called “Mbuyu” in Swahili hence the name. The candy has been around for generations and is common in the coastal region of Kenya.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) had a lot to say on what they have reportedly been sent to bring from back in Kenya.

“Farmers choice sausages,” responded media personality @TerryanneChebet.

“People ask for omena na unga ya uji,” said @Jay_Kamau.

“I’ve muled mabuyu, but the Gujarati community mainly smuggles fresh chevdo, and I used to take my grandmother cashew nuts,” stated @dosima_org.

“In addition to mabuyu, I have taken sausages, njahi, ndengu, camel milk, Tusker beer and Ketepa tea for my diaspora people,” wrote @heyktkay.

“Unga, Tea leaves and one that never fails to feature Farmer’s Choice sausages,” commented @SarkozyRyan.

“Roasted clay, those stones women mostly eat when pregnant,” said @Iryn_mlk.

“Ketepa, Blueband, Royco, sukumawiki and mbuzi choma oh and ladies always ask for some stuff from bestlady,” said @DukeNyakiana.