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‘Mafirifiri’ MCA back at it again – VIDEO

Drama ensued at the Nairobi County Assembly with MCAs engaged in shouting matches leading to four ward representatives being kicked out of the House.

The four county legislators, led by the famous nominated MCA Mary Njambi alias Mafirifiri, were thrown out of the chamber for their unruly behavior as two sides of the House clashed.

The others are Leah Supuko, Kware Ward MCA Rose Kula and former Nairobi City Council mayor and the current Baba Dogo MCA Godfrey Majiwa.

The chaos started when Umoja 2 MCA Joseph Ndonji rose on a point of order criticizing Majority Leader Abdi Guyo for discussing issues pertaining to Jubilee Party and personalities at the plenary.

Mr Guyo had raised issues with the utterances of embattled Speaker Beatrice Elachi over the weekend in Kibra where she claimed that she was impeached by the ward representatives allegedly at the behest of Deputy President William Ruto.


“Mr Speaker why is the honorable member bringing in party issues on the floor? Such party issues should be discussed at the party Houses,” said Mr Ndonji.

It then went downhill from that point onwards as Jubilee and ODM MCAs engaged in shouting matches with each trying to put their points across.

Ms Supuko defended the majority leader saying that they can discuss any matter at the assembly so long as the speaker has given a go-ahead.

Her statement, however, rubbed Mr Majiwa the wrong way as he took on Ms Supuko telling her to “go slowly” and stop supporting discussion of party matters at the assembly.

Ms Kula supported Majiwa while hitting out at the nominated MCA saying “even those who have not been elected now have a voice here”.

The Kware Ward MCA’s statement seemed to have incensed Mafiriri prompting her to take the shouting and table banging affair a notch higher shouting “msituletee Jubilee ndo tuko wengi hapa”.

After close to 10 minutes of the free-for-all drama, the acting Speaker Chege Mwaura directed the sergeant at arms to lead the four members out of the plenary for the remainder of the sitting.