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Man dies after being assaulted by police during curfew hours

A 35-year-old man suspected to have been assaulted by police officers for flouting curfew regulation has succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at the Kakamega County General Hospital.

He was identified as Ramathan Juma from Joyland estate in Kakamega town.

His aunt Zainab Abdalla said her nephew, who suffers from a mental illness, left home on Tuesday but did not return home.

“As a family, we are so sad about what has happened. Juma is sickly and sometimes leaves home and we have to go looking for him. I have lived with him for the last 16 years since his mother died and its wrong for police to have attacked him without finding out his condition,” said Mrs Abadalla.

It is suspected that Juma could have strayed from home and got caught up in the curfew melee on his way home.

The family reported his disappearance at the Kakamega police station and were informed he had been admitted at the hospital.

They said he had been found lying unconscious along a road and was taken to hospital by police officers.

“I suspect my son was battered by police officers during the curfew. We are informed he was found in Sichirai with injuries to his head. We suspect police beat him up without realising he had a mental illness,” Mrs Abdalla lamented.

Kakamega Central police commander Mr David Kabene said the incident was being investigated.

“I have met the family and told them that we need to wait for the postmortem examination to establish the cause of the death,” said Mr Kabena.

In Amalemba estate, several people including a prison warder were arrested and questioned after they were found in a bar belonging to a retired police boss.

Mr Kabene said the Officer Commding Station was summoned and cautioned to ensure the premises are closed during curfew hours.

“She came and explained that the manager was caught while selling take away drinks and food to patrons,” said Mr Kabene.

He said the patrons were escorted to their homes and cautioned not to repeat the offence.