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Man disappears after wife gives birth to triplets

Ms Rolight Naomi Kona, 29, was in a joyful relationship and led a happy life until she gave birth to triplets. That’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Her husband of nearly 10 years took off and disappeared.

Regardless, Ms Kona says she still believes that babies are a blessing from God.

Speaking to Nairobi News on Thursday, she said that she does not blame her husband for disappearing saying that she will forgive him and welcome him back in case he returns.

But how was life before she gave birth to the triplets?

“My husband truly loved me, we were always in love. As much as things were hard we always worked hard,” she said.

Ms Kona said that she cleared Form Four from Tomb0 High School in 2009 and joined his estranged lover in Kitengela shortly after.

Two years later, she gave birth to a firstborn son and later a daughter. At that time, she worked as a green grocer in Kitengela.


Life was not easy for them and they decided that they send the two kids to Kakamega where they have been living until January this year.

“We decided to take them there so that things could be a bit better for us in the city. They joined a local school in Kakamega,” she said.

However, when she went to give birth in Kakamega in January, she had no option but come back with them to the city after her husband disappeared.

It all started when she gave birth to the triplets and shared the good news with her husband. Since then she has never seen him.

Rolight Naomi Kona with her infant triplets, her two older children (standing, centre) and a well-wisher, Daphne Kemunto (in sunglasses). PHOTO | COURTESY
Rolight Naomi Kona with her infant triplets, her two older children (standing, centre) and a well-wisher, Daphne Kemunto (in sunglasses). PHOTO | COURTESY

“After I joyously told him about it, he only promised that he would visit me in the hospital. But that was the last time I heard from him,” she said.

Ms Kona said that she tried to reach him again to inquire why he had gone dead silent but he never answered her call.

Since then, she says, her husband has never switched on his phone and that she does not know of his whereabouts.

Ms Kona has now been left with the heavy burden of bringing up the three babies and her two other children all alone.


“I never knew that the three babies who are a blessing from God could be the genesis of the end of my marriage,” she said.

She said that her husband, who she still loves, might have been overwhelmed with the responsibilities of bringing up the newborn babies.

In a short video that was highlighted by NTV last month, Ms Kona explained that she was really struggling to feed the babies.

She told Nairobi News that she does not have a job and that well-wishers have been buying her food and milk to feed the babies.

One of these wellwishers is Ms Daphne Kemunto, who travelled all the way from USA to Kenya after watching the story on NTV.

“I shared the video on my Facebook page and many people showed interest of helping her but did not know how to reach her. It is then that I decided to come to Kenya and look for her,” Ms Daphne said.

She then assisted the mother of five to open an M-Pesa pay bill number (541034) on Ms Kona’s name and account where well-wishers can contribute money to assist her.

“I believe the contributions will see me through the trying moments as I’m planning to venture into a business that will sustain me,” she told Nairobi News.