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Chinese nationals found guilty of crime in Kenya to face the law back home

Chinese nationals who break the law in Kenya will now risk prosecution when they return home.

China Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng on Thursday, while meeting the Deputy President Wiliam Ruto, said that any Chinese national who breaks the law in Kenya would face criminal charges in their home country.

He said that he had noted with much concern how Chinese nationals are involving themselves in crime here in Kenya.


“Our citizens must respect the rule of law in Kenya. They should do the right thing and get permits and licenses where necessary,” Peng said.

The Ambassador also said that his main mission is to ensure that the relationship between Kenya and China remains strong.

He also got the same assurance from Dr Ruto, who said that Kenya is looking forward to closer trade ties with China.


This is the second time Mr Peng has hit the headlines in a week.

On Tuesday he explained why specific details about the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) contract have been kept secret.

He also said that he was not aware why the Kenyan Government was yet to publish its details on the contract.